1. What is the minimum and maximum length of stay and what are the rates like?
  2. The minimum length is for a period of one year up to a maximum of four years. We also take short term stay of less than one year as well but the absolute minimum must be 3 months. The rates will start from $ B 3,300 per month for a stay of at least a year. Any period less than a year will be another 10% more.
  3. What are the deposit amounts at time of signing the tenancy agreement?
  4. The deposit amount is 2 months rental plus 1 month rental in advance at time of signing and subsequently the monthly rental will be collected on the 1st day of the following month.
  5. What happens if we have to reduce the length of stay due to unforeseen circumstances from say a 2 year lease agreement to 1 year?
  6. We will have to forfeit your rental deposits.
  7. How many car parks are available for each unit?
  8. Most units will have 2 units of car park bays and they are specifically assigned to them as all the car park bays are numbered. However we will enquire as to how many carpark bays one will require at the time of signing of the tenancy agreement just in case you may only need one. We have also got some visitor car park bays situated near to the entrance of OSP.
  9. What services do you provide?
  10. We provide the following on a complimentary basis;
    » Once a week change for your bed linens, towels and bath mats. For security reasons, we will exchange these items at your entrance doors. Our maids will not be allowed to go and change the linens for you. However, in the event that this service is required, we request that your cash, jewelry, watches, etc be stored away safely. We will not be responsible for any losses or damages incurred to your personal effects while our staffs are in your unit changing your linens and towers.
    » Barbeque area facility
    » Swimming pools and gymnasium facilities
    » Basic ASTRO package in each unit
    » Two internet points in each unit and internet connection. The internet connection is strictly on a “Best Effort Basis” meaning that we do not guarantee the speed and bandwidth allocation of the internet connection. This is entirely dependent on the provision by Brunei Telecom.
    » Some storage spaces on ground floor, available on a first-come-first serve basis
    » Daily maintenance of public areas
  11. Do you provide toilet papers, shampoo, etc?
  12. No we do not.
  13. What about change of light bulbs and repairs of unit electrical equipments and any running repairs like plumbing works?
  14. We will replace any blown bulb for you. We will ensure that any repairs will be attended to asap and if possible fix on the spot.
  15. What services do we have to pay for?
  16. They include;
    » Your unit electricity and water monthly charges
    » Your phone monthly charges
    » Additional ASTRO packages, aside from the basic package
  17. Do you allow our visitors / guests to use the pool and the gymnasium facilities?
  18. No, they are strictly for the tenants of the OSP property.
  19. Do you allow pets and animals?
  20. Because of possible complaints by other guests and safety issues, we do not allow pets and animals
  21. Do we have to pay any additional monthly fees for the use of the pool and gymnasium?
  22. No, the uses are entirely complimentary. For your information, there will not be any gymnasium attendant or life guard on duty in the gymnasium and pool areas respectively. The uses of these facilities are strictly at your own risk.
  23. Do you allow a change of furniture if we do not like them before we move in?
  24. The furniture and fittings in the units are already pre set, so unfortunately they cannot be change except for the kitchen high chairs which may be able to be change strictly subject to availability. However, you are most welcome to bring your own furniture into the unit. We can remove ours to create more space for you. It is up to you.
  25. What are major items you provide in the unit?
  26. They include the following;
    » 5 units of air conditioning units
    » 1 full size fridge
    » 1 microwave oven
    » 1 built-in oven and hoop
    » 1 king size, 1 queen size and 1 single beds and mattresses
    » A set of dining table with 8 chairs
    » 1 washing machine
    » 3 high kitchen chairs
    » 1 sofa set in living room
    » 1 40” TV
    » 1 ASTRO set
    » A set of dressing table plus a mirror for each bedroom
    » 5 Bedside tables
    » 5 Bedside table lamps
    The above are not exhaustive. A chattel list will be given to you when you sign the tenancy agreement which will be shown to you when you move in as well.
  27. What is the security system like here and how secured is the place?
  28. We will have 24 hours security which is provided by a reputable security firm, a manned security check point at entrance of the property, an intercom facility with visual identification from each unit to the lobby entrance at each block, and CCTV in selected areas.

    Nevertheless, we would still highly recommend you to insure your personal properties / effects in your unit as well as in your vehicles.
  29. How many people are allowed to stay in the unit at any one time?
  30. There should be no more than 7 people staying at the unit at any one time.